Caffeine Energy Can Lead To Addiction And Withdrawal.

One of the products that is disregarded as rich in caffeine content is energy drinks. These beverages are an abundant source of caffeine energy. Their use is increasingly becoming more and more popular, particularly among youngsters. The Caffeine effects that are produced can dangerously lead to caffeine addiction and withdrawal effects. Nonetheless, not everything is gray in this display of energy, restlessness and euphoria. There’s a good side of the story, which justifies their worldwide use. But first, let me break down for you the main components of energy drinks, which may vary depending on different brands.

a) Sugar: These drinks have lots and lots of sugar, which causes hyperactivity and anxiety. b) Taurine: Taurine aids in regulating muscle contractions and heart beat. c) Ephedrine: It stimulates the central nervous system, but it may carry some negative effects for the heart. d) Guarana: It also stimulates your body and gives a sensation of extra alertness. e) B Vitamins: These vitamins can improve muscle tone.

There are many other ingredients such as gingsen, creatine, carnitine and more.

Caffeine energy gives you an extra boost in your daily activities, it enhances your performance by increasing the amount of stamina. Some of the positive effects that caffeine energy provides are: a) When you are in a bar, the drink makes you look cooler than holding a glass of coke if you are the designated driver. b) Your tongue may glow in the dark, and it tickles! c) Your heart feels and resonates like there’s an LCD Soundsystem concert happening inside.

Now, the serious information is that caffeine energy will give you: 1) A great augmentation of your mental response and your cognitive performance, and it increases your awareness level. 2) An increase of muscular strength and improvement of your physical endurance. 3) For some users, caffeine energy provides them a stimulating state of euphoria that create sensations people don’t usually experience with other drinks.

On the other hand, caffeine energy develops some negative side effects that can even include caffeine addiction. Take a look at these effects: a) It makes you want to drive for hours when you really need to get home. b) Your friends make fun of you for your low caffeine tolerance. c) It’s not coffee!!!

Trying to be funny again here, and it’s not working, is it? But here is the real data: 1) Since caffeine acts as as a diuretic, the chances of getting dehydrated increases, specially when you mix the intake with physical activity of some kind. 2) If consumed excessively, caffeine effects produce insomnia, nervousness, irritability, abnormal heart rate, jitters, headaches and potential addiction. 3) These drinks, mixed with alcohol, are particularly dangerous. Studies have shown that the ingredients in energy drinks can dissimulate the alcoholic effects, hence causing drinkers to act as if sober. Alcohol is a depressive that is counteracted with the caffeine and taurine effects, which produces a state of confusion in your body. Some cases have reported hospitalization and serious injury.